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Unit VII Essay. Explain the correlation of the data points to the equations (Essay Sample)


Unit VII Essay
In an essay of no less than three pages, 
explain the correlation of the data points to the equations shown in Figure 4.3 on page 119 (How can better data be acquired?), and 
review Figures 4.4A, 4.4B, and 4.4C on page 120. What assumptions are being shown in these figures? 
Be sure to provide research to support your ideas. Use APA style, and cite and reference your sources to avoid plagiarism.
Course Textbook(s)
Render, B., Stair, R. M., Jr., Hanna, M. E., & Hale, T. S. (2015). Quantitative analysis for management (12th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.


Correlation Coefficient
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Correlation Coefficient
The Pearson coefficient is the method applied in measuring the relationship between 2 variables, X and Y, which have a Gaussian distribution and no exceptional values. In the case of such conditions not being verified as is in most cases, using the Pearson coefficient may result in drawing wrong conclusions on the P of a relationship between the values. However, the fact that there is no linear relationship between the coefficients does not imply that no relation can be established to exist between the traits under study. This analysis takes this principle approach to explain the correlation of the data points to the equations in Fig. 4.3 on page 119 and the assumptions shown in Figures 4.4A, 4.4B, and 4.4C on page 120.

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