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Exam IB Business & Marketing Essay Research Paper Essay (Essay Sample)


From Chapter 8: What are the benefits and costs of FDI to the host country?
From Chapter 10: How should managers reduce foreign exchange risk in global transactions?
From Chapter 12: Cross listing is when a firm lists its equity shares on one or more foreign stock exchange in addition to its domestic exchange. For example, numerous large non-U.S. companies such as Ericsson (Sweden), Nokia (Finland) and Toyota (Japan) are listed on the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ as well as on their respective national exchanges. What are the benefits and disadvantages of cross listing?
From Chapter 13: McDonald's launches an international menu to bring local favorite items from different countries such as Canada, Australia, Japan, Spain, the Netherlands, etc into the United States. Such a strategy reflects one of the benefits that internationalization will bring to a firm. Which benefit it is? What are other benefits associated with going global?
Here is the topic of essay. I will sent you the PDF of each chapter and the video. 100 wards for each.


Exam IB
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Exam IB
From Chapter 8
FDI brings a number of benefits and costs to the host country. Some of its key benefits include employment, transfer of resources, and a favorable balance of payment. In regards to employment, FDI brings jobs to the destination country. The resultant rise in employment can further stimulate economic growth as the purchasing power of the citizens in the host country improve. The transfer of resources such as technology and capital also boosts the host country’s economy. The host country also receives a favorable balance of payment as its export capacity is enhanced. The costs of FDI to the host country include a detrimental impact on competition, national sovereignty, as well as the balance of payment. Given that multinational enterprises (MNEs) have huge financial power, they can outcompete local firms. Furthermore, in the event that inputs for the MNEs are imported, the balance of payment is negatively affected.

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