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Event report - Interview Strategy: The event comprehensively explored on various aspects of an interview strategy (Essay Sample)


I have event to Write report about it. I have went to the event and i have record if of the event so please let me know if you can do. it was about interview strategy. so please check it and let me know.


Event report
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Event Report
Interview Strategy
The event comprehensively explored on various aspects of an interview. An employer has three things in mind when looking for an employee during an interview. These include; “can you do the job, will you do the job and can they live with you every day”? It is paramount to comprehend that once a person is called for an interview, this means they are already qualified as per the resume; therefore the task ahead is to prove to the employer you are the right person by asserting the three things mentioned above.
The scope of interviews is changing due to the dynamic and evolving changes in technology. This has given rise to different types of interviews. For instance, some employers will send the interviewee a recorded video with questions, in turn the applicants records themselves as they answer the questions and send it back. There is no physical interaction involved, as they will gauge performance from the video. There is so much to prepare for an interview, although there are some aspects that are critical to preparation. For instance, knowing about the company, their vision and mission statements and interacting with the employees to have a comprehensive understanding of the company's activities. Jobs are extremely competitive, but the advice rendered, was that amidst the preparations it is core to remain honest and genuine in an interview.
Further, analyzing the job descriptions is fundamental to identify the requirements. In turn, knowing one's strengths and weakness...
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