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Ethics and Statistics Marketing Assignment (Essay Sample)


Submit a paper identifying and commenting on the ethical issues in developing descriptive statistics, especially how measures of central tendency and dispersion can be misleading. What can be done to deal properly with these issues? Use Biblical principles where appropriate. Make sure it is at least two complete pages.


Ethical Issues in Developing Descriptive Statistics
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Ethical Issues in Developing Descriptive Statistics
Descriptive statistics are the methods which help or aid one to describe or explain his or her data. They are also known as measures of central tendency and dispersion. Measures of central tendency include mode, mean and median while the measures of dispersion used involve range, variance and standard deviation. These measures of dispersion enable one to able to identify how the scores are dispersed within a group of scores, whereas the measures of central tendency assist in skimming a group of scores with a one number (statisticshelpforthestudents, 2008).
When it comes to using measures of central tendency and dispersion there are various things which are put in place, one of them being ethics. Ethics is a vital thing which is very important in every field where human beings are involved. In this field of descriptive analysis, ethics is very important this is because it helps the researchers to be able to give information which is correct and at the same time which is free from bias. For instance, during data collection one may ask a question which trigger emotions this takes place, especially when the survey is trying to prove one way of thinking rather than the truth of the matter thus becoming unethical due to the biasness of the question. It is also important to have ethics while interpreting and representing the descriptive statistics this is because

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