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Ethics of McDonalds Corporation (Essay Sample)


This Module 5 SLP assignment calls for a comprehensive ethical analysis of the issue you identified earlier and have been examining through Modules 1–4.
1.Define the ethical dilemma associated with this issue.
2.Identify at least two ethical principles to be observed in analyzing this problem.
3.What alternative courses of action, including one or more that differ from the do vs. don't options posed in the dilemma, could narrow conflicts between principles or interests, ideally allowing a win-win solution to this problem?
4.Evaluate each of these alternatives in turn according to the ethical principles chosen to apply to this problem. Be sure to include business or organizational interests in this task.
5.What do you recommend as your preferred solution?
6.Conclude with a brief justification for your recommendation.
SLP Assignment Expectations


McDonaldsCorporation, having been founded in the year 1940, has grown to be one of the most recognized companies in the fast food industry.However, even with the millions of customers that grace their premises, the firm has been under intense pressure to address the issues regarding farmers. Relative to the millions of dollars that the company collects on any given day, very little of the same effects are felt by the farmers forming the basis of the ethical dilemma(Sivetz, n.d.). While the company is making immense profits from the coffee sales to its loyal consumers, the farmers re paid peanuts, regardless of the fact that they are forced to adhere to the ever increasing standards of the coffee industry.
There are two ethical principles that are considered in reference to the ethical dilemma facing the company and the farmers.One of the ethical principles that relates to this issues if that of commitment to excellence.To get to the level that the company has managed to reach, one of their basic standards relates to the ability to maintain high levels of excellence towards their customers. The company ensure that the level of quality of the beans that they grind to give the customers coffeeis of the top most quality. These standards of excellence also have a constant trend of increase, where they are evaluated upwards every year.The same level of excellence should also be extended to the farmers, as they toil to meet their end of quality standards. It is unfair to hold the farmers to high standards, while the company does not want to reciprocate by offering quality pricing for the products.
If the firm wants to offer the best to the customers and the farmers offer the same in support of the company’s standards, the firm management should also make sure that their pricing mechanisms also reflect on the farmers.Otherwise the farmers and their families continue to suffer from the poor prices, while the firm and the customers enjoy the quality products(Sivetz, n.d.). The other ethical principle applicable in this scenario is that religion and the teachings regarding fair trade. In light of the religious teachings from Christianity, Islam, Buddhism or even Jews among others, fair trade is upheld as one of the morals codes that should guide the activities in the society.It is n...
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