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Ethical Situation Analysis Marketing Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


You are employed as a project manager with a company frequently subcontracted to produce code for various U.S. government entities and affiliates. Traditionally, code that is developed for one federal department could be reused for another if approval is obtained by the former.
One day, your company is contacted by a privately-owned commercial corporation, FlyHigh, to create code for an avionics-related image processing effort. Since the code requested was almost identical to one used for a past project, a member of your team decided to, once approval had been obtained from the government, reuse the code.
After permission was granted through email, however, another team member brings to your attention that they have realized the approving party, a law agency that was contracted by the government, lacked complete understanding of who would benefit from the reused code.
You want to contact the government directly to ensure it had been informed of all vital aspects of the contract, but realize doing so could result in the initial approval being revoked. Your team with then have to re-code the work in progress for FlyHigh, increasing the contract bid up to two million dollars.
Understanding the contract between your company and FlyHigh is on the line, should you move forward with clarifying the situation to the appropriate party?
Assignment Directions
To complete your analysis of the scenario provided, follow the steps outlined below. This is similar to the critical thinking decision-making process presented in Chapter 5 of your text.
Identify the facts of the situation.
What facts do you need to know in order to decide how to act in this situation?
Determine the ethical issue.
Is there some actual or potential harm involved for an individual group? Does it involve considerations of justice or right?
Determine the available alternatives.
Given the facts, what are your options?
Who will be affected and to what degree?
How much weight does each stakeholder's claim deserve? Make sure you consider the future behavior of your team here as well.
What are the ethics of the alternatives?
Apply three of the six ethical theories (Chapter 5) to each of the options you've identified. How will you decide if the theories point to different alternatives?
Determine the practical constraints.
Are there any obstacles to choosing the course of action you are proposing? What are the future implications for the members of your team? What priorities are you modeling?
Implement and justify your course of action.
What steps are necessary? How will you communicate your course of action to the rest of your team?


Ethical Situation Analysis
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Ethical Situation Analysis
Ethics in business is necessary to ensure that the parties involved in the business are satisfied in the manner that businesses are handled. Ethics ensure that there is fairness in a deal and that there is no party that is unfairly treated especially in a contract. This acts as a guideline in business that is used by the agencies and the individuals that engage each other. A contract can be defined as an agreement in a business where parties agree to certain terms that should be satisfied to ensure that such a contract is complete. In some cases, it is necessary for the parties that are involved in a contract to define their terms to avoid blame games in the future. A contract should be under the law to avoid some parties from taking advantage of the other. The most important aspect is to understand a contract to avoid discontent over the parties. This paper is based on an agreement involving the government, a project manager, and the company. It contains some of the facts, individuals affected, and justice that should be undertaken among other aspects that will be discussed in the paper.
It is important to come up some of the facts of this case to establish the manner in which it should be handled. As a company, we claim ownership of the since we are the creators and reusing the code should not be the decision of the private corporation hence they are supposed to consult the original authors (Melden, 2013). On the other hand, the buyer of the system has a right to use the code in a manner that he or she wants considering that he has already paid for the service. In an analysis, it is prudent that involving the govern

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