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Vital Characteristics for Ethical Marketing (Essay Sample)


What characteristics of personal character do you feel are vital for conducting
ethical marketing research? What characteristics do you possess? What
characteristics do you lack?


Ethical Marketing
According to Sirgy (2001), Ethical marketing refers to a process by which companies can win or gain customers’ interest towards their services or products. Customers are the most fundamental stakeholders in a business and they are the reason why businesses exist, and it is the reason why most organizations do invest heavily in marketing department. Marketing ranges from sales methods, business communication skills and business development. Winning and retaining customers would depend on the marketing strategy that has been employed by that particular organization (Boone & Kurtz, 2013).
This paper examines characteristics that are vital for conducting ethical marketing and characteristics of an ethical marketer.
Vital Characteristics for Ethical Marketing
Basically the major idea behind ethical marketing is to demonstrate or inform the customers that a given product or service is capable of satisfying a given want or need and an ethical marketer should be giving the right information to the possible customers. There are vital characteristics of ethical marketing strategies and they include the following:
Safety of the customers should always be guaranteed before any product or service is given or rendered to them. Ethical marketing requires that a marketer advertisement should not present unsafe usage or applications for a product or a service. In the event that a company is manufacturing or processing some hazardous products within some conditions, ethical marketing requires that those dangers should be highlighted and clear instructions should be given to show or demonstrate to customers how those dangers can be avoided. This includes gathering information about the usage of the product and take necessary steps that should be taken to ensure that all the possible dangers to the consumer are eliminated (Marta, Singhapakdi & Kraft, 2008).
There are some companies that do use deception in their marketing by giving false information about a product to gain a large customer base. Ethical marketing entails that the consumer should be provided with an honest and truthful about the qualities, and the advertisement should not be deceptive about needs or a lifestyle that cannot be supported satisfied by that particular product. There are some advertisements that are quite deceptive and m...
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