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Ethic Statement: Define Your Own Personal Values (Essay Sample)


What is YOUR personal philosophical approach to help you answer and deal with ethical questions?
In this assignment, you will attempt to define your own personal values and principles. As you read in Chapter 1 this week unethical behaviors occur in all organizational operations and they occur at a cost. Chapter 1 also looked at a few different theories of human nature and how we rationalize our own unethical behavior. Your personal ethics statement is an attempt to answer "What are my personal beliefs and expectations for behavior?"
As you draft your own personal statement, consider the following questions:
Are rules absolute? Should they always be followed?
Does the end justify the means? If it depends on the situation, how will you judge it?
Is lying always unethical?
Do you place people above all else? Do you weigh the greater good?
Should all people be treated equally? How do you avoid bias?
Your personal ethics statement may be as long or as short as needed to provide the foundation for your own personal behavior and decision-making. Along with your statement provide some information on how you will apply these values in your professional duties, both in your decision-making and personal conduct.


Ethics Statement
Student's Name
Ethics Statement
The aspects that characterize my ethics statement are honesty, patience, love, and empathy. Life is a journey which we must lead in a way that satisfies us while not causing pain to others. Rules are necessary for our lives to run smoothly. However, in the case rules cause problems, it ought not to be followed. The end does not always justify the means. It depends on the intended outcome. If the results achieved are of a greater good than what it takes to get there then, in this case, I bel

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