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Enterprise and Innovation Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


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REFERRAL TASK Deadline: Thursday 20th August 2020, 3:00pm Submission procedure: Via the module page on the DLE Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business T+44 (0) 1752 585020 E 109 Roland Levinsky Plymouth University PL4 8AA Page 1 of 2 MODULE CODE: ENT200 ELEMENT: C1 MODULE TITLE: Enterprise & Innovation MODULE LEADER: Dr Jonathan Lean REFER TASK: Brief: Choose and answer one from the three essay titles below: Question1 ‘What is effective leadership in Entrepreneurial organisations? Consider how a leader might ensure they maintain an innovation culture within their organisation Question 2 The concept of corporate sustainability has gained importance in recent years in organisational theory and practice and is now a major and growing driver of business change. In what ways can innovation contribute to, or potentially constrain sustainability? Discuss this statement using theory and examples. Question 3 ‘Competition is the core of the success or failure of firms. If business is about competition, and not collaboration, sharing with others will only weaken your competitive advantage.(Porter 2002) Critically discuss this statement using theory and examples. REFERRAL TASK Deadline: Thursday 20th August 2020, 3:00pm Submission procedure: Via the module page on the DLE Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business T+44 (0) 1752 585020 E 109 Roland Levinsky Plymouth University PL4 8AA Page 2 of 2 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Guidance: You may answer the same question that you answered for your previous submission or a different one. If answering the same question, use the feedback provided for the previous submission to improve your work. Word Count: 2000 words +/- 10%. Format: Arial 12 point Word format. Marking Criteria: Introduction, context, aims and objectives, structure, conclusion (20 marks) Coherence and criticality of the argument (20 marks) Understanding and analysis of theoretical concepts (30 marks) Effective application of supporting (case based) material (20 marks) Referencing (within the paper and overall) (10 marks) Submission: via the DLE by 30th July at 3pm.


Enterprise and Innovation
Institutional Affiliate
Enterprise and Innovation
The world’s economy is characterized by increasing competition across the different economic sectors and emerging trends in the markets that have equally diverse effects on daily business operations among enterprises and other business organizations around the globe. Emerging consumer trends, advancing technology, and the effects of globalization are some of the factors affecting business operations across the different sectors of the global economy. Both the small business organizations and multinational corporations alike are affected by such trends in the global economy and thus necessitating the adoption of effective interventional measures towards sustainable growth and development in the diverse economic sectors of operations. It is essential for business enterprises to maintain their competitiveness in the industries and sectors within which they operate to secure their share and influence on the market for increased productivity and revenue generation. The achievement of the said outcome is dependent on the availability of effective leadership in the entrepreneurial organizations and their ability to enhance the organization’s adaptability to the market changes by maintaining a culture of innovation. Provided herein is an evaluation of the concept of effective leadership in an entrepreneurial setting through the lens of how such leaders can maintain an innovation culture within the organizations.

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