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Employee Performance Appraisal (Essay Sample)


Certainly one of the toughest jobs in healthcare management is conducting employee performance appraisals. It is generally not the favorite activity of managers or staff level employees, but it is very important. Annual appraisals can result in improved staff performance, better quality of patient care, and enhanced efficiency of operations. It can also boost employee morale. On the other hand, appraisals can provoke anxiety, animosity, and lack of respect among staff and managers if not done correctly. We certainly want to do a good job in this area of managing our healthcare facilities. 
For this discussion, let us put you in the department director chair, nursing director, lab director, radiology director, respiratory therapy director, or whichever hat fits best. As director, how will you go about creating an employee performance appraisal process for your department? What kinds of things would you do during the year to be ready for annual appraisals? How will you conduct and document the appraisal session itself?


Employee Performance Appraisal
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Although many managers do not like the hustles associated with employment performance appraisals, adoption of this crucial process is critical in ensuring improved performance in healthcare system. It is crucial for department heads to come up with viable employee performance appraisal process that is suitable for the given department. As such, nursing director should come up with such a process after consulting with other relevant leaders. The process should aim at receiving the actual performance of the employee and should therefore seek to minimize distracters to the targeted point. For instance, the employee performance appraisal should be aligned to work output and not other external features such as charisma or dressing code.
It is crucial for a director to have the process of employee appraisal in mind throughout the year. This helps the director to easily adopt things that help to make the process easily accomplished. It is critical that the director monitors the undertakings of employees so as to have an accumulated assessment at the end of the year. Where the appraisal requires input of junior leaders of the nurses, it is crucial for them to always be reminded of the need to monitor what is happening with the people they lead.
In order for the appraisal process to successful, it needs not to be done in a single session. Such undertakings could easily lead to biasness and accruing of inappropriate results. The ...
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