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Email Cover Letter. Marketing Position. Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)



WEEK-1 WRITING ASSIGNMENT: Due Monday, January 9th  (Before Class)


Assignment, Due Wednesday, January 9th (by 5PM): Write a 1-page, letter of introduction (cover letter) about yourself with the goal of applying for a position within a company (agency or non-profit organization) in your academic major field  or industry you would like to explore. While you are writing the truth, pretend the letter is to the CEO of this organization (Ms. Bermont). This letter is intended to schedule a meeting with the person. This is the seed for your Virtual Class Company Project and/or the opportunity to discuss your skills for a company within a particular market sector.  

NOTE: if you cannot think of an innovative company, please note what industry and type of position within a company you would like to hold.

 Please consider the following:

  1. Determine if the company is providing a service or product(s), or both. What kind of client/customer does the company target? Where is it located? (Local, Domestic, International) This is an opportunity to suggest a class / group company project providing an innovative product and/or service.

  2. Include any real experience and education you have and how they would benefit the organization.  The CEO is open to ideas, and appreciates suggestions.

  3. Please do not write this as a resume. It is a 1-page, double spaced letter that would be sent via email. [Please send as an MS Word attachment (.docx)]

Resource: E-Textbook: see Chapter 4: Letter formatting, Business Documents, p. 94. See pages 329 – 355.

FORMAT: Block Paragraph, Double Spaced, Fonts: Tahoma-11, Ariel-10, Calibri-11, MS Word Attachment. Remember to include Email format: To, From, Date, Subject, and salutation.

Examples of Academic Majors:


  • Criminal Justice

  • Healthcare

  • Fashion

  • International Business

  • Business Management

  • Business Administration

  • Accounting

  • Marketing



Dear Ms. Bermont,
It is with great enthusiasm that I submit my application for the above position. I believe that the education I have acquired and the experiences I have will make me a top candidate for this position.
I have had a passion for marketing even during my college years. I have actively looked for those opportunities that can provide me with a platform to horn my marketing skills. For example, last June, I interned at Fortune Technologies with the responsibility of marketing the software the company made. Throughout my life, I have valued dedication, and hard work and my commitment to success always

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