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The Economic Snapshot Of Queens Borough (Essay Sample)


The economic snapshot of Queens
What were the educational benefits of the PD experience?
• Were you able to use your education and prior coursework experiences to identify any theoretical or methodological strengths or weaknesses in the materials presented for your PD experience?
• How will you apply the PD experience to your future professional goals and objectives?
Briefly describe the content of the session (fewer than 750 words, typed, double-spaced). Include a description of how you prepared for your PD session, what you expected prior to participating in it, and how this compared with your actual PD experience. Where possible, reflect on how your session relates to the coursework you’ve completed.


The Economic Snapshot of Queens
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The speaker of this event was Thomas P. DiNapoli, the fifty-fourth Comptroller of the state of New York. Thomas P. DiNapoli is a former state assemblyman of New York and was elected as New York State Comptroller by the state legislature on February seventh, 2007. The event was held at Queens Borough Hall, and the topic discussed was the current economic state of queens.
As stated by DiNapoli, Queens, which is the largest of the five boroughs, is the most diverse country in the United States and has a growing and vibrant economy that benefits from private and public sector actions and investments. Queen’s economy is the second-largest and most diversified in New York’s five boroughs. Also asserted by DiNapoli is that immigration has a distinct role in shaping Queen’s economy. Half of its populace is foreign-born and a majority of the borough’s neighborhoods and commercial corridors reflect the rich cultural heritage of their residents. DiNapoli further asserted that Queens is not dominated by one industry. A key component of Queen’s economy is the airline industry, which is a major employer. The social assistance and healthcare industry are also key employers in Queens. Two-thirds of businesses based in the borough employ between one and four individuals, meaning, that small borough

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