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Donato's Case: Finding The New Pizza (Essay Sample)


Read through the Donato'
Finding the New Pizza case and answer the discussion questions Type your submission, double-spaced, in a standard print font, size 12. Use a standard document format with 1-inch margins. ( Don't use any fancy or cursive fonts.)

Your paper should be written in Microsoft Word or a Word-compatible program.
Be specific. Limit your submission to the questions asked and issues mentioned.
Proofread your work carefully.
Check for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization.


Donato's Case Study
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Donato's Case Study
1 Map the research design used by Donato's for new product development.
Donato used various steps to develop the new “No Dough Pizza” product. However, before coming to the idea development process, the organization had to answer questions for the new product. To answer these questions the company used an ethnographic research design. First, it reviewed the tremendous amounts of research Americans' eating habits. A recent report by HealthFocus Trend Report reported that 26% of the American eaters were carb free. Secondly, Krouse who was following the Atkins diet noticed that during company meetings, the employees left behind “little piles” of pizza which were served as a refreshment. However, they later realized that nothing was wrong with the crusts, only that the employees were avoiding the carbs that were present in every pizza grain at that time. It is through this design that the answer to the question “Is the low-carb diet a flash fad or a trend-and should we respond? was established. It was no fad and the company embarked on the new product development process.
2 Evaluate the Wassup meetings as an exploratory methodology to help define the research question.
The Wassup meetings were conducted on a monthly basis where each employee had to bring knowledge of a certain culture and demonstrate the effect it will have on the organization. It is through these meetings that Donato had enough information about the feelings and diet of a certain culture to provide an opportunity for Donato to develop a new product. It was essential since it enabled

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