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Domino's Pizza Case Analysis: How Should The Company Move Forward? (Essay Sample)


Domino's Pizza
You should include additional information to help in the analyses. You are to refer to materials from the readings and outside materials to support your contentions. Adhere to APA guidelines. There is a 4-page limit on verbiage (not including title page and references). The qualities I'm looking for in these reports:
You present your own thinking and work and NOT a restatement of the case. I am familiar with the case.
Your paper should present your argument and then present facts and opinions that should support your argument.
Cite any sources for your information. You do not need to cite these cases because I know that much of the information will come in some way from them, however if you use additional information from the course readings, a newspaper, website, magazine, journal or book other than specifically out of the case, you should cite that source to give credit to the owner of the idea/knowledge you are borrowing.
Please address the following issues as you are analyzing this case.
What does the company need to say publicly in response to the viral employee video, the huge online following, and the growing media coverage?
What medium should the company use to deliver its message to the public?
How should the company move forward to protect its brand and its reputation?


Domino's Case Analysis
Video Critique
The video effectively highlighted how in April 2009, two Domino's Pizza workers posted an online YouTube video that sent the entire franchise into a severe social media crisis. The viral video contained two employees that were committing serious health department violations (Dortmans, 2011). These violations included sticking cheese inside their nose and other acts of indecency which were highly negative for Domino's Pizza. This video was viewed almost one million times and posted on numerous blogs and message boards across the internet. Meanwhile, online conversations started exploding concerning this incident through social media sites.
The video was highly incisive as it stated that after this incident, Domino's Pizza had to control the crisis and almost a week later, the enterprise made the choice of posting a YouTube video response that included Mr. Patrick Doyle. This response includes an apology to customers, shareholders and everyone affected (Dortmans, 2011). Mr. Doyle additionally thanked their loyal customers and other members of the online community that alerted the company and allowing them to take immediate action.
The video indicated that the response was suitable considering that Domino's Pizza had not developed an effective social media platform that could have easily handled the issue. However, it was significantly delayed and the company did not anticipate the pass-value or nature of the video and also the level of exposure and attraction the video had already gained (Dortmans, 2011). They also hoped that the attention would subside, however; the controversy only escalated further leading to a decrease in the number of customers frequenting the enterprise.
What the company needs to say
The company needs to reassure all the parties affected that the enterprise is fully aware and in control of the situation. The company should have also emphasized that they have begun investigating the incident and a full statement concerning the findings would be released once the company knows more (Gregory, 2009). If the company focused their response on this, they would have reversed all unnecessary and additional damage that was caused by individuals that wondered where the company was throughout the explosion of the incident.
Domino should also integrate their social media into crisis communication strategies that would develop a framework that would monitor customer reviews and other social media dialogue. The company should also have responded to the nature of their social media framework and the reasons for its nonexistence during the period of the crisis (Kim, 2016). This would provid

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