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Doctoral Study Plan (Essay Sample)

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Doctoral Study Plan Name: Institution: Doctoral Study Plan Reasons for Completing a PhD Although there exist various reasons that people may give towards completion of a PhD study; the aim for completing my study is to have the chance of gaining adequate experience and skills with E-Commerce as an area of specialization as attained in both degree and masters level. Therefore, by taking my PhD level of education in E-Commerce, I will hone enough knowledge that will allow me to fit into the competitive market. Major Advantages in the realization of a Successful PhD Study Since the beginning of my education, I have always been involved in thorough research in every areas covered. Therefore, through this spirit that I will be able to complete my PhD education as it requires detailed research and analysis. Apart from being a researcher, I also have the ability to learn faster both in class and even during my personal studies. Consequently, in order to enhance my understanding, I will ensure I cover all the requirements for the course at the appropriate time. It is also important to note that I have come up with a better scheduling of my study, whereby all time that is required for my study is well allocated. Hence, I will ensure I follow my timetable to the letter to ensure full utilization of my learning period. In order to ensure that I make my studies easier, I will relay on adequate notes and information over the internet that relates to my area of specialization. Additionally, I will ensure that I take my studies seriously especially my examinations and class work as they contribute to the final percentage of my final results. Moreover, I will research and finalize my research project in time to allow for further correction so as to produce a better research study at the end of my study. Therefore, I believe that by adhering to the above study plans, I will have the upper hand in completing my PhD study. Barriers to completing a PhD Study Despite having proper plans towards the completion of my education, there are some of the obstacles that I may face during my study. For instance, the charges required for a PhD study is high and I may not have enough money to fund my education for the two years period. Apart from the insufficient funds, it is also important to note that I have a family to take care of; therefore, I must create time for my job as well as time to spend with my family. This may seem difficult, as my studies require adequate time as it entails a wide range of research. Therefore, it may have an impact in my education. Another challenge that I may have when taking my PhD education is the presence of conflicting information contained in different literatures such as journal articles, books, magazines and other internet sources among others. This may be a big challenge, as most of the information I will use must come from these sources. Moreover, ti...
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