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Diversity slp (Essay Sample)

Realize that some companies do not openly discuss their HRM practices. Perhaps the organization you chose for your SLP project is one of them. So, sometimes you will need to make inferences and borrow ideas from other private-sector companies to build your discussion. For example, you have looked but can't find information on your chosen organization's approach to the SLP assignment topic. But, you have read about other businesses' approaches to it. You could discuss those practices as they might work in your SLP organization. This is an acceptable approach for this assignment. Remember that the SLP organization that you have chosen is your "framework" for your SLP project. Subheadings should be used throughout the paper for easy reading and referencing. --Please analyze the nature and effectiveness of your SLP organization's commitment to valuing diversity and fostering an inclusive work environment. --Beyond company philosophy, what actual activities are in place in the organization, demonstrating their level of commitment? --Also discuss diversity-related activities that aren't in place, but should be. source..
Running head: Diversity
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Introduction – Diversity
Although it is the modern era now and quite a lot of development has taken place in every department, the issue of diversity as yet remains unresolved. It is still a hot topic for debate considering that the so many studies taking place find out that there is no high or equal compensation being provided to the women and minorities relative to the white males.
Importance of Diversity
In the words of Cheryl Reese (VP, Diversity), diversity can be said to be “valuing all the ways we are similar and different” (Heffes, Orsdel, & Raab, 2009, p. 53). Through diversity at workplace the company and the different departments within it are able to reach out to an extensive talent pool. Sharing of knowledge of employees from different cultures and traditions leads to the company developing a vigorous knowledge management. There is an enhancement in the productivity of the company because of different skills and talents from employees of various cultures. Discrimination is much lower in those companies where diversity is valued and given significance.
Valuing Diversity at Microsoft
Even today there are several organizations that only implement diversity programs upon being forced to do so; for instance in order to address a succession challenge or through external force. Microsoft is a global company employing workers from more than 135 different countries. Microsoft certainly does value diversity to a great degree and this is proven by Kelly Chapman, their director of diversity recruiting who says “Microsoft has committed millions of dollars to our diversity program” (Diversity In A...
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