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Diversity in a Company Business & Marketing Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


According to the Gorge Floyd case. Talking about why diversity is important in a company from the business aspect.


Diversity in a Company
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Diversity in a Company
Globalization has led to an interconnected world that has grown to be interdependent for business. This has led to the transfer of information, goods, and services worldwide, with more people working together to achieve their goals and objectives. As businesses grow and expand to reach global audiences, people from different backgrounds get to interact. Consequently, the concept of diversity comes into play since the differences among people make them unique in their way (Roberson, 2019). With workplaces engaging people from diverse backgrounds, it becomes essential to understand the differences among people and respecting them. Developed countries tend to have problems with minority groups who face discrimination, especially in the workplace. In recent times, black people have faced discrimination due to their skin color, hence showing the disparities in the world today. Therefore, companies must tackle the issue of diversity to ensure that they can respond to changes brought about by globalization and an interconnected world.
The George Floyd case showed an instance of discrimination against a black individual that ultimately led to his death. The police officers arresting George Floyd acted in a manner that did not value his life in which he died a slow and painful death as an officer put his leg on his neck, restricting his breathing (Parks, 2020). Such behavior would not be displayed when arresting an individual who was white hence, it led to the worldwide protests of racial discrimination. The issue of racism in the United States has persisted over the years and famously created the Black Lives Matter slogan that has been prominent in recent protests against black individuals' discrimination and police brutality. Questions on diversity arise in such instances where individuals cannot be treated the same due to their backgrounds. In this case, a simple arrest that would have seen George Floyd arrested and placed into the police vehicle would have averted the entire crisis. Therefore, the importance of diversity shows that people should be treated equally and given the same level of benefit of the doubt despite their race.

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