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Diverse Workforce at Walmart (Essay Sample)

Please write an essay about Wal-Mart's multicultural and diverse workforce. . This topic will be the basis of my Signature assignment. Please write about this topic. source..
DIVERSE WORKFORCE AT WALMART Name: Instructor: Institution: Date: Any business entity hinges its success on the fluidity of its workforce, which is usually made particular by its ability to handle the diversity of its human resource. For it to do so, rules, regulations, and policies need to be put in place, so as to ensure that everyone abides by them. These systems also need to be all inclusive, so as to prevent any bias among the employees. Wal-Mart Stores is one of the businesses that work with a multicultural team. It is a retail business that has spread its wings in more than ten nations around the world, with multiple stores as well. Its founding was based on the spirit of cooperation, something that has continued being one of its fundamental blocks to date. The company currently boasts of over a million employees from different backgrounds, a factor that means i...
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