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Discussion Questions Business & Marketing Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Hello Essay Zoo,
These are are not full essay answer. they are discussion question responses. Question 1. you are just giving 2 examples for each cost classification.
Question 2. cut and paste the link and and the question.


  1. List the three (3) classifications for costs. For each cost classification, please provide two examples for each:

Cost Classification

  1. Direct and Indirect Costs
  2. Reasonable, Allowable, and Allocable Costs
  3. Fixed, Variable, and Semi-Variable Costs (Mixed Costs)




 B. Provide two to three (2) examples of other strategies to use to obtain cost or pricing data in a more accurate fashion.


  • Review the article at (Please copy and paste the link in a new web window to view). From the link, please list and explain two (2) important factors to consider for the future of the drone industry as a whole.



Response paper
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Response Paper
Question A: Cost Classification
Cost classification is described as complete and transparent concepts of separation of cost in a different sector. Cost classification is vital in a business organization. Classification cost includes the following:
1 Direct and Indirect cost
Costs are the total amounts that are paid out for goods or services offered or purchased. These expenses can be either a direct cost or indirect costs which are closely related to the business activities. Direct expenses are cost which is related to all business operations. They are directly related to the product being produced or the kind of service being offered or sold out. These direct costs include:
* The wages: This is one of the major examples of direct cost. They are described as regular payment for work done or services offered. Usually, this kind of expense is paid weekly or daily basis.
* The organizational factory rent: this is expenses that are sold out to settle for warehouses or business rooms where the services are being carried out.

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