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Digital Marketing Nike Inc. Website Home page (Essay Sample)


There are very few products and services that should not have a robust digital marketing effort as part of the overall marketing strategy. While there are many elements of a complete digital marketing effort, the overwhelming top dog is the web site, particularly the front, or landing, page.
Your assignment this week is to select a website front page that you believe to be best in class within its industry or market segment and to support your position in detail along the lines described below. Make sure you include the site address within the assignment.
Site overall attractiveness
Ease of use/functionality
Integration and consistency with the firm's products, services, and other promotional activities
Presence of elements to drive repeat traffic
Marketing appropriateness of the website address


Digital Marketing
Student’s Name
Digital Marketing
Nike Inc. Website Home page
Digital marketing is significant for any business. Digital marketing is some of the efforts that a business uses to increase its presence online and marketing. It is an effective method of reaching out the consumers in the markets and establishing a close relationship to the new and existing consumers. Many companies are tapping consumers through the use of digital marketing to assist their business to make profits (Myrick, 2012). A website is important towards achieving the objectives of a business. The home page of any business is very significant on the website because the website will be able to achieve its objectives since it is the landing page of all the visitors to the website. One of the websites this essay is going to focus on is Nike Inc. Website home page. Nike Inc. Website homepage is an example of a website that can be used to evaluate how the business has designed its objective of necessity. The interests of the digital marketing team and also complement their efforts that are articulated to the online marketing objectives.
The Homepage of Nike Inc. features graphical contents that ensure the site is aesthetics. The attractiveness of the site is very impressive, and the quality of the images and pictures featured on the homepage add much beauty to the home page. The designers of the website used a contrasting dark theme to enhance visual appeal to the customers while they incorporated beautiful ima

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