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Different Methods Of Recruitment: Strengths & Weaknesses (Essay Sample)


This is for the CIPD Human Resources assignment in the UK.
We need to compare and contrast them.
We need at least two selection methods as well. Note that some methods are more effective at discriminating between candidates than others known as 'Validity'. We need to explain how and why they are eg traditional vs structured interviews. Assessment centers, cv shortlisting.


Different Methods of Recruitment
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Recruitment is a complicated human resource process in which a company proactively interviews candidates and selects the best ones to fill job vacancies. It helps to increase the chances of getting the right fit for a job and involves a number of assessment criteria, such as traditional and structured interviews, and assessment centers. Interviewers who don't have enough time and want to hire someone immediately often opt for the traditional interview style. That involves asking questions about one's educational background, experience, and salary expectations. On the other hand, in structured interviews, the interviewers ask some unique and extraordinary questions and sometimes get the candidates involved in quizzes and other things to confuse them (Vaghela, 2012).
Both of these methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, the traditional interview method saves a lot of time and energy and allows the recruiter to

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