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Differences Between Purchasing And Leasing (Essay Sample)


You have recently been hired as a Business Communication Analyst. In this role, you are responsible for writing reports and proposals for a variety of audiences and purposes.
For this assignment, read the scenario outlined below. Your job is to choose the most appropriate type of report (informational or analytical) and the best approach (direct or indirect) and compose a draft of approximately 2 to 3 pages (500-750 words). Use the internal proposal format in your Chapter reading for this assignment.
The company you work for is considering upgrading all its end user computer equipment (desktop and laptop computers, monitors, and printers). You have been asked to prepare a report regarding the differences between purchasing and leasing the equipment. Relevant information for your report includes the following:
The company currently has 100 employees, but it is growing.
Approximately 30% of the employees need laptops instead of desktops.
The building has five main work group areas, each of which has a dedicated high volume printer. A total of seven executives and their respective admin support personnel have dedicated printers, and Human Resources also has its own dedicated printer.
There is very limited IT support within the company (only two full time staffers).
The CFO generally prefers not to have large cash outlays.
Software is not required.


Purchasing and Leasing
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Purchasing and Leasing
As the Business Communication Analyst, my role was to write on the differences between purchasing and leasing of the company’s equipment. Leasing is a legal agreement where the lessee is allowed to use a property or equipment for an agreed period in exchange for lease payment or money to the owner who is the lesser. While purchasing refers to acquiring something by paying for it. In purchase, the buyer possesses the item fully unlike in leasing (Koczur, 2014).
Differences between purchasing and leasing the Company’s Equipment
After studying the company’s scenario, it may decide to lease its equipment. This is because the Chief Financial officer prefers not to spend a huge amount of money which will is required to purchase new equipment. The company is growing with an increase in the number of employees who will need new laptops and purchasing new laptops for each employee will be costly compared to leasing which will be cheaper. Below are some of the differences in purchasing and leasing the equipment:
Avoiding the risk of obsolescence: Computers and Tech equipment should always be up-to-date. This is due to changes in technology. By leasing the company will shift the financial burden of obsolescence to the leasing company. When the leasing period expires, the compa

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