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Descriptive Statistics: An Important Statistical Analysis (Essay Sample)


Have you ever been deceived by descriptive statistics (measures of central tendency, or measures of dispersion)? How did this occur, and whose “fault” was it regarding the deception?


The basic premise is that measures of central tendency are an important part of statistical analysis. This relates mean, mode and median. What is more interesting is the fact that, the measures of central tendency tend to be used in analysis that they are not supposed to be applied in. It is s common tendency for researchers especially if they are lacking refined skills to make mistakes relative to the interpretations that they may have from the central tendencies in data analysis (Lund Research Ltd, 2017).
One of the best ways to bring out the fact that some of the uses of the central tendencies in the representation of data is when calculating the mean. I have in the past been misled by the results when calculating the mean income. The results were such that the mean of th

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