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Leadership Traits: Culture Value Outperforming Competitors (Essay Sample)


Pick a national culture with which you are familiar. For this culture, identify leadership traits and behaviors that would be detrimental to organizational effectiveness.


Leadership Traits
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Leadership Traits
Aggressive cultures such as the American culture value outperforming competitors and competitiveness. By doing so, companies often fall short in regard to social responsibility as well as the leadership style applied (Chamorro-Premuzic & Sanger, 2016). For instance, Microsoft Corporation has often been accused of using an aggressive culture which does not only have a negative effect on its performance but also on its employees and other stakeholders.
Leadership in aggressive cultures is can be seen as being cynical, covertly resistant and mistrusting especially when the leader is under stress. These traits are especially prevalent when the leader is forced to trail an objective or to execute a task in the absence of meaningful rationale or without being persuaded. Despite the fact that such leaders are cooperative and maintain a certain level of skepticism, their behaviors can also hinder plan execution. Such leaders also tend to be resentful and critical which in turn generates conflict (Chamorro-Premuzic & Sanger, 2016).
Aggressive cultures are also difficult to change and hence unlearning old values and adopting new ones create a challenge for the leaders and the organization in general. This is because employees will be required to espouse new ways of thinking, responding to vital events and behaving. For instance, a firm which has a decentralized or autonomous culture and decides to change to centralized decision making may encounter substantial resistance from the employees. Such was the case with Home Depot Inc. when Robert Nar...
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