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Culture and Management (Essay Sample)


This week's discussion forum deals with the impact of culture on Management. To do so, we will explore two major topics: 1. Culture and it's effects on organizations, and 2. Communicating across cultures. Include the answers to both questions within your one initial post this week. Include at least two scholarly journal sources to support your assertions. Discussion Question #1: What role does culture play on managers in global situations. For example, a US firm in Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Singapore or Germany would all face different problems from a cultural perspective. What about a foreign venture into North America. Discussion Question #2: Define "Communication Across Cultures". Describe cultural variables in communications through examples. Instructions: Be sure to include all references used in an APA formatted references section at the end of your paper. Your initial post should be at least 250 words


Culture and Management
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Culture and Management
Managers in the global context face significant challenges. Some of the cultural factors that come into play include elements such as the social class, family structure, market segments and consumption patterns. US companies entering foreign countries, such as Saudi Arabia are likely to face cultural problems, a major one being language barriers. Foreign countries venturing into North America are also likely to face some levels of cultural conflicts. While America is a diverse country, remember that there is an American culture, which may affect the managers. In this regard, America is sophisticated; thus, the need for continuous research to identify emerging consumer pre...
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