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Cultural Challenges With Motorola In Denmark (Essay Sample)


Cultural challenges that Motorola will need to acknowledge in Denmark (problems)
And what ways will Motorola combat cultural challenges?

Cultural Challenges in Denmark Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Understanding the dynamics of culture is very vital for any business navigating international markets. For Motorola to navigate the Danish market, it must focus on the nation’s cultural standing. This paper discusses the challenges that Motorola will face in Denmark and how they can combat these challenges. Motorola must acknowledge religion barriers (Guang & Trotter, 2012). Denmark is largely Christianized through the Evangelical Lutheran Church. The country also holds a relative departure from Islam. For instance, the use of personal titles is crucial. The Danes are open-minded when it comes to cultural differences. However, they expect that any foreign business adheres to their acceptable code of behavior. Motorola must acknowledge the strict regulations that guide behavior in the business environment in the country. It should, therefore, avoid any form of whether illegal or semi-illegal action violating these regulations. The first thing that Motorola can do to combat cultural challenges in Denmark is to do more research on their culture including business culture. Also, the company can embark on Collaboration programs to foster interaction. The best way for the company to combat these cultural challenges is by embracing an open and accommodative approach. The company should be ready to learn new things. This especially applies to the the relations with Dane employees; their religious holidays and prayer times, which must be accommodated in the company’s routine. The company needs to conduct a simple research,...
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