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Creating a Market Proposal Assignment LP2.2: Casinos (Essay Sample)


LP2.2 Assignment: Create a Marketing Proposal
For this assignment you will create a marketing proposal for the casino industry
As the marketing manager, you have been asked to create a marketing proposal for the product or industry you selected: Casinsos. In your introduction, give a history of the casino industry. Who are the key competitors?
In the body of your paper identify the problems in the current marketing campaigns and suggest areas of improvement. Do you see any new opportunities in the marketplace that companies (in the industry or who sell the product) could take advantage of and perhaps grow the market share? Develop realistic and measurable goals that will help the company assess the effectiveness of their marketing.
In your conclusion, based on your research, provide direction for future marketing efforts.
The resources you use must be placed on the reference page, and each reference must be cited in the body of your report. You must use APA formatting.


Casinos of the Future
Casinos establishments provide their customers with facilities where they can take part in gambling activities. This is a high revenue, industry with more than 400 billion US dollars wins. The industry can be traced back to the 2300B.C., where some of the Chinese records point to activities associated with gambling. The start of the casinos is not certain as the first known casino was the Casino di Venezia. This was established in Italy in the year 1638 (Casino history, 2018). Interestingly, this is a casino that is still operational to this day. In the United States, gambling was an outlawed activity up until 1932 when Nevada state and even Las Vegas legalized it. This would explain why Las Vegas and Nevada are famous for some of the most prominent casinos in the world. Over the years the industry has grown, with casinos springing up across the globe (Taylor, 2018). The main competition in the industry includes the Casino Lisboa, MGM Grand Las Vegas, Sand Macao, MGM Macao and Tusk Rio Casino Resort.
Situation Analysis
One of the main challenges that can be established from the marketing approaches that most of the casinos use is that they do not get the Millennials on-board. It is impor

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