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Corporate University Model (Essay Sample)

Prepare a 2 page review of the corporate university model. Evaluate why many organizations today are emphasizing training as an employee development tool and focus on why utilizing the internal university structure has become very popular. The finished paper should utilize a minimum of three academic references. source..
CORPORATE UNIVERSITY MODEL Name Institution Date Designed to assist organizations to meet their goals through continuous training, corporate university model is growing and becoming very popular in many organizations all over the world. This model was first used by general Electric’s in 1950 and the adoption has grown largely since then. Basically, corporate university model is an improved strategy initiated with a purpose of training employees and nurturing their skills and more importantly, acting as an alternative to training departments at large. Although implementation of the whole strategy is involving, the benefits inherited from the same are numerous; thus, worth the risk. Corporate university model is responsible for organizing training inherent in organizations and better still enhance the whole program. Training is a great tool for any organization wishing to establish a stable business with high performance and thus, its role cannot be ignored (Werner, 2012). This means that training should be carried frequently to instill the employees with the skills that will greatly enhance their performance and consequently the overall performance of the organization. Due to its high organization, corporate university model is perfect in its role and many organizations have accredited t...
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