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Control as a Function of Management (Essay Sample)


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Control as a Function of Management
Manager to any firm were different hats depending on the task that is required of them by the virtual of the position at the head of the company. From coaching to assigning the various duties that pertain to the various processes at the firm, the managers have to integrate the various functions of management in a manner that they maximize the effects of quality managerial skills. The main functions of management include organising, planning, staffing, leading and ultimately controlling. These functions were derived by Henri Fayol a mining engineer, along with his other colleagues and have since proven to be one of the most influential theories of management in the field of business administration. This paper dwells on the function of control with respect to the local company called the Solarpak (CliffsNotes, 2013). It is a company that deals with the manufacture and assembly of the solar panels to be used in the homes at a small scale and will soon be launching larger units to be used in larger scales such as industries. The function of control deals with the elements of performance and actions that need to be taken to make sure that the company is utilizing the best practices, to maximize the profits and reduce the expenses.
Thesis Statement
Solapak needs to redefine the function of control with respect to lean production to make sure that it stays ahead of the competition and reduces the effects of economic recession.
Solarpak Corporation
Solarpak is still a small company compared to some of the best companies in the industry; as such, the leap to manufacture the larger panels to be sold off to the manufacturing industry is going to be tricky. The domestic use of the solar panels still provides a nourished market for Solarpak, which it should first concentrate on, as it looks for technologies that are more efficient. Lean production is one of the strategies that will see the company improve o...
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