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Consumer Behaviour (Essay Sample)

Create an analysis of fashion styles today where one trend is the result of a social, economic, or technological influence. Personify the trend's traits and identify the culture created. Support the analysis with photo documentations and citations from references books. source..
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The Haute culture; Paris, France
The Haute culture is a Paris culture that has existed since the 1850`s (Solange & Hardill, 2010). The culture initially began with production of designer clothing used for luxurious purposes. The birth and growth of the culture was influenced by a series of occurrences that took place in France in the 19C (Solange & Hardill, 2010). The factors were embedded in the rule of Napoleon III and include; the role of the court, economic growth and the enterprise of Worth. Worth, an English man was the founder of the culture in France (Bertin, 1956). Napoleon III came to power in 1852 and restored the royal family. As a consequent, increased levels of economic development were observed in France. He set a vision which led to changes in various spheres of the economy (Bertin, 1956). For instance, he initiated tariff reforms which accordingly stimulated external trade. Through his policies, limited liability companies were established and industrial banking grew rapidly developing frameworks that stirred economic growth. These changes led to an increased rate of national income. This had a positive impact as people started to seek for luxurious products, among them fashionable dresses (Hemphill & Suk, 2009).
As the economy developed and the need for luxurious needs increased, Empress Eugenie discovered the style in Worth`s fashionable dresses (photo 1) ( Bertin, 1956). She purchased cloths from Worth, which she made her court symbol by putting on the attire whenever she attended court sessions (Solange & Hardill, 2010). In addition, it was made a requirement that all the people who were to visit her, had to dress in similar dress codes. This boosted Worth`s enterprise and he did not let them down neither as he constantly added new styles to the designs (Bertin, 1956). It did not take long before other court officials sought the same fashion and it became an official courtroom attire. To Worth, this was an added challenge, as he had to ensure that he produced good designs for the officials. Worth sought so...
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