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Consumer Actions: What Led Me To Purchase The iPhone 7 (Essay Sample)


An understanding of consumer behavior is the bedrock of a great marketing plan. Such understanding also goes a long way toward making you a more effective influencer of others in non-traditional marketing situations, such as when interviewing for a job or attempting to get your proposal approved by leadership.
This discussion this week involves YOU. Reflect on your recent buying history and select a significant branded (not generic) purchase to analyze. It could be significant because of the dollar value, some level of personal importance, the complexity of the product, or some combination of these or other reasons. Attempt to determine what drove you to purchase that specific brand of product or service other than the price or the features and benefits of the product. This will take some time because many of us think that most our decision is driven by the price and the product/service benefits, but research indicates this is not the case in brand selection. Also remember that even if your final decision was based on price, other factors determined what brands were included in your decision pool.
This weeks reading covers both retail and organizational markets and you are encouraged to pick your example from the market category that is most relevant to the career path you have targeted.
Click the link for an infantile example of consumer behavior. Or maybe I should say an example of infantile consumer behavior. You can decide.


Consumer Actions
Student's Name
Consumer Actions
As noted in the video by Wolters World (2012), it is difficult to determine the behavior of the consumer when they decide to purchase a product. Now that I try to reflect on what drove my recent purchase decisions, I have figured out that it is difficult to point out exactly what motivated them. One thing is for sure though, I needed the products, and so I set out to purchase them.
I am an apple consumer, and in this discussion, I try to reflect on what led me to purchase the iPhone 7 model that was released last year. I needed to upgrade to the newer model and price had little effect on driving my action giv

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