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How Does Constructivism Relate To The Real World? (Essay Sample)


This is a psychology management class, but it is belong to management, don't have to write too much words for each questions, its a weekly discussion for after class. About the reference, if you think you want to use one of the discussion as the part, you can use them. I hope the answer should be in different font and colors, it is more transparent and easy to read, teacher didn't say that we have to use the knowledge from the ppt, by personally, I think we only needs to answer her posted question and give her the point of view. However, if writer want to look at the ppt, then it would be fine. If you need it, then tell me, I'll upload it to you. I hope that the writer can answer the question professionally with profundity. Thanks a lot!


Question and Answers
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Question and Answers
Question 1: How does constructivism relate to the real world?
The constructivism enables students to modify their roles in constructing knowledge based on problem-solving and inquiry-based skills. Thus, students are able to test their own ideas, draw conclusions and infer the knowledge in relation to the environment. This makes them active recipients in the learning process. Therefore, the students develop innate curiosities about the real world and how it operates. Furthermore, they interact with the real world experience through hypothesis, testing and draw conclusion upon their findings.
Question 2: Comment on the potential benefits of further research in psychology to encourage individuals in being effective contributors in the workforce.
Barry Schwartz provides different suggestions on psychological aspects of motivation that encourages employees to be effective in their workforce besides provision of salaries and wages. However, such motivational techniques are absurd since they are not geared towards the development of the technology of ideas. Therefore, one of the very many aspects that are ignored is the social science that creates the ways of understanding one's self, how we think, aspires and acts. For instance, an employee can only revolt if he thinks that his status is as a result of oppression. Thus, idea technology developed through psychology when nurtured in a positive way make people effective contributors in the workforce. Henceforth, a research in psychology, especially in understanding human nature and creative ideas, changes a person's thinking in a positive way which makes the person be effective hence contribute positively towards workforce.
Question 3: Operant Conditioning
* Part I
* Luna has her car taken away for a week each time she is late for her curfew: Negative punishment
* Kiki is given $5 for every load of laundry she completes: Positive reinforcement
* William is shocked each time he touches an electrical outlet: Positive punishment
* Xander’s list of chores is reduced whenever he does a good deed: Negative reinforcement
* Part...
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