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Company Profile Project Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


Using United Parcel Service (UPS), explain what motivates and drives someone to pick this organization, please be specific. What sources did you explore and research to look into this organization, the relevant industries/sectors, the products, the markets, the major players and the general trends. I need the detail information regarding the different sources. Provide an overview of your research plan to ensure you can find all the information required in the company profile. How to start formal research towards the completion of the project, or what your research agenda would be in order to complete this project, or what kinds of questions/components you plan to address in order to fully understand this firm and develop a formal business report? Please use APA format 7th edition and three references. Thanks for your support.


United Parcel Service Profile Project
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United Parcel Service Profile Project
The United Parcel Service is the world’s largest package delivery service that has headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. The company works as a logistics and package delivery provider that also provides supply chain management. UPS delivers more than 15 million packages on a daily basis to more than 8 million customers located globally in 220 countries. Additionally its logistic services include, transporting, distributing, ground freight, air freight, water freight, customs brokerage, financing and insurance. The essay is a reflection of the products, markets, major players and the general trends affecting the United Parcel Service.
UPS was started in 1907 by James E. Casey and Claude Ryan. The company’s first employees made deliveries on foot and by bicycle until a second office was opened in 1912. The returns made by the initial deliveries enabled the company to acquire its first delivery truck in 1913. UPS management decided to specialize in making deliveries and changed the company’s name to Merchants Package Delivery. By 1925, the company had opened two other branches and it had changed its name to the United Delivery Service. By 1950, UPS faced a major challenge. The need for deliveries was steadily decreasing because customers starting using their own cars to take their deliveries home. The company countered this move by expanding its local courier service. By accepting parcels from the public, UPS put itself in competition with U.S Post Office. In 1975, the company started operating in all 48 states. The same year saw the Company’s headquarters moved to Greenwich, Connecticut and the company became global by expanding to Canada. Over the next four decades, the company rapidly expanded until it offered services in 200 services.

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