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Community Services Business & Marketing Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


My topic is food insecurity, please focus on this topic once you read the requirement. thank you!!


School of Business First Year Development Program Community Engagement - Alternative Assignment for Service Hours This make-up assignment is available to all students who were not able to complete the in-person service component of the Community Engagement Assignment. This alternative assignment requires students to explore the impact of businesses on their community. The goal of the alternative assignment is to help students develop insight into community organizations, their operations, and how the organizations facilitate and measure impact in their focus areas. Note: Students should no longer be serving in-person during this time period due to official GW Campus Advisories presented in light of COVID-19. President LeBlanc noted that courses will be in a period of virtual learning and all on-campus events are canceled through the end of the semester. Please read and follow all official GW Campus Advisories. Note: The following assignment only takes the place of “Part I - Service” in the original Community Engagement Assignment for Spring 2020. Part II and Part III of the assignment remain the same. Part I: Alternate Assignment Guidelines: Any student that was not able to complete the in-person four (4) hours of community-service that was originally outlined has the opportunity to complete the supplemental research assignment listed below. This supplemental research assignment (for Part I) is meant to be completed individually. Step 1: Identify and conduct research on two (2) service organizations: ● Identify two (2) separate organizations with different approaches to addressing the theme (food insecurity, healthcare access, education, etc.) that you and your group were assigned in class. ○ One (1) of these service organizations must be the organization where you and your fellow group members intended to serve or were signed up to serve with. ○ The second organization must be a Washington, DC-based service organization that corresponds with your group’s assigned theme. ○ We encourage you to utilize GW Serves to identify community organizations in Washington, DC and as a source for your research. ● Research the following topics: ○ Background information on the theme your group was assigned (ex. food insecurity, healthcare access, education, etc.) ■ Define the problem. ■ Describe its impacts on the Washington, DC community, including relevant statistics. ○ Explore each service organization’s approach to supporting the community ■ What aspect of the theme(s) does the organization focus on? ■ How did the organization choose this approach? ○ Market Analysis ■ Include analysis of public perception of the organization, presence in the community, and any other observable market information. ■ What kind of social media presence does the organization have? School of Business First Year Development Program ■ Include relevant testimonials, social media metrics, and outreach information. ○ Impact and reach of the organization ■ How does the organization measure its impact? ■ Has the organization been successful in its goals? ■ Are the organization's goals/impact in line with the community’s needs? Step 2: Complete a comparative analysis and design a handout to summarize your research: ● Write a 2-page minimum (3-page maximum) double-spaced executive summary of your research and comparative analysis. ○ Analyze the overall findings of your research in Step 1 by comparing the effort, impact, and approach of each organization. ○ The handout must include the key information from your research and be presented in an accessible, readable format. ○ Your handout must also include the comparative analysis and major takeaways regarding your two organizations. ○ You will be able to add this handout to the final in-class presentation that you and your group will create and present as a part of Part III of the original assignment. ○ You must cite all of your sources and follow academic integrity guidelines. Include an APA-style works cited page after your report. (The works cited page is not included in the minimum 2-pages.) Due Date: The alternate assignment for Part I will be due at the same time as your Part II presentation. Please follow the class syllabus for deadlines and let your Instructor know if you have any questions. Resources: ● Non-profit organization information in Washington, D.C. ○ GW Serves ○ Honey W. Nashman Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service ○ Washington, DC Nonprofits and Charities | Donate, Volunteer, Review ○ Directory of Charities and Nonprofit Organizations ○ 24 Washington-Area Nonprofits That Help Local Causes ○ Washington DC - National Council of Nonprofits ● Analyzing/Measuring Impact of Nonprofits ○ Journalism - Strategic Communication: Situation Analysis for Non-profits ○ Top 5 Nonprofit Impact Metrics of 2018 ○ Evaluation and Measurement of Outcomes ● Writing Style and Citation Information ○ General Format for APA ○ Writing an Executive Summary ○ Executive Summary Example - Business Plan Note: Once you have completed this alternate assignment, please move forward to Part II and Part III of the Community Engagement Assignment in the original assignment document. Part II and Part III are conducted in your assigned Community Engagement groups.


Community Engagement on Food Security
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Research on Community Engagement on Food Security
Background Information
Food insecurity limited availability of safe food or the inability of a household to acquire food. Further, food security occurrence is witnessed when a person or more from home fall hungry due to various reasons, such as not being able to afford the cost of food (DC Hunger Solutions, 2020). Also, a food desert closely related to food insecurity is a region in most cases, geographical where there is limited access to food (Pérez-Escamilla, Gubert, Rogers & Hromi-Fiedler, 2017). Food desert in DC is an area with a distance of more than 0.5 miles to the supermarket and a federal poverty level of more than 185% for a household hosting more than four individuals.
Poverty is considered the main factor contributing to food insecurity and emerging food deserts. In Washington DC, poverty is defined with the 185% of federal poverty guidelines (Capital Federal Bank, 2017). An increase in poverty and unemployment leads to a decrease in homeownership, which results to an increase in food security (Feeding America, 2016). In the United States, specifically Washington DC, there is a need for an additional budget of $17.4 for a single person in a week, which indicates a shortfall of $18.8 billion in the food budget annually. These figures suggest a national crisis; however, the effect in Washington DC is even felt more.

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