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Communication for Leaders (Essay Sample)


Instructions attached. This is a communication for leaders course. Beebe, S. A., & Mottet, T. P. (2013). Business and professional communication (2nd ed.). Saddle River, NJ: Pearson .


Unit VIII Final Communication for Leaders
Sales Presentation / Campaign on Android Phones
What do you like best about the phone you are using? What are the features that would make you feel that you have an ideal phone? Are you aware that the experience of Google Voice may finally not be the same while using an Android phone? Imagine having a gadget that will not require you to do some navigation by going to the visual voicemail apps and default dialer when you want to use Google Voice. It is easier to use Google Voice on Androids because such apps integrate directly with operating system; when you want to make calls using Google Voice, all the calls you make from the phone’s dialer goes through Google Voice. When you tap on a phone number in your Google Maps or your browser, it goes through Google Voice rather than sending you to the incorrect dialer. Android has true app integration which makes using custom phone, voicemail, SMS, and browser appscompletelyseamless; something you will not find on the iPhone platform.
Would you like a phone that you can control from your PC? Android phones have some apps that allow you to control it from your PC whether you want to text from your chrome or even you want to access other functions on your phone from a web browser. This function is unique in that it allows the use a separate app that has access to its baser functions. Don’t you think it’s fun to install wireless apps on your phone? With Android phone, you can find a cool app, proceed to hit the install button and automatically install the app on your phone.
Would you like a phone that has customizing Home Launchers such as Launcher Pro or ADW Launcher? Androids unlike the iPhone allow unlimited customization of all sorts of extra features to the home screens of your device. Examples of extra features that you can easily customize include different types of shortcuts, gestures and low-level settings that are able to speed up an old phone. Such a feature enables you to have a phone that is fast and very convenient for your daily activities.
Would you like a phone that offers different types of keyboards? Androids offer different keyboards such as swiftkey (text predictor), Swype and 8pen (downright adventurous). No one would have fun typing on a tiny phone key board. This is why Android has come to offer several options that makes it super easy to install the type of keyboard you deem most convenient for the task you are processing. Unlike in the iPhone which has other keyboards which are separate apps that requires you to import some texts from one program to the other, the different key boards on the Android are found on a single app.
Are you aware that you can have a phone that allows you to turn it to a super-phone when you so wish? Android phone has one of the most powerful apps referred to as Tasker which is an automation program that allows you to change your android phone into a super-phone. With an android phone, you can turn your phone settings on and off for particular applications, by time of day, location as well as any other condition you may wish to put in place. Tasker app can access the darkest and the deepest settings on your phone, an option that is only available on androids. There are so many other awesome and exclusive features that you can take advantage of when you have an android phone with you. What can we do t...
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