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Communicate Well With Subordinates (Essay Sample)

Write a minimum of one full page containing your thoughts on how to communicate well with subordinates while maintaining your authority as a manager. source..

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(16, September, 2011)
Communicate Well With Subordinates
It’s a fact that subordinates usually takes cues on how they should communicate from those who are leading them. Therefore, it is paramount that a leader must set good standards in the organization to ensure that there is effective communication with the subordinates while at the sometime he has the authority in the organization.
Channels of communication in an organization are meant for sharing of information or ideas, channeling of directives and other feedback from the leader and the subordinates. For the leaders must ensure that the subordinates are well informed with what is required of them at any given time and they get the information from the right source and this case is the management of the organization. Failure to maintain such measures the subordinates might alienate with the decisions being made by the administration especially if an idea was not communicated in time or they were not involved in the decision making if it was necessary for them.
Communication is two ways. Therefore, as a manager it is important to listen actively on what is being done or what is required. When the subordinates communicate to the managers they should listen to show interest on what is being communicated, by doing so they ensure that they respect the views of the subordinates.
Managers are mostly known to give orders to be followed. Such instructions should be communicated well. For ex...
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