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The Importance Of Color That Advertising Company Or Product


Choose a company with a distinctive color. Discuss the importance of color with that company's advertising or packaging as it relates to the different meanings and cultures and segment markets.


Color in Marketing
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Color in Marketing
Most enterprises value development of unique and distinctive products. Thus, the marketing managers strive to ensure that such brands become unique and outstanding from those of the competitors. Brands can only possess distinctiveness which enables them to become recognizable and different. Thus, become a distinctive asset. The distinctiveness of products can be used to indicate their prevalent and uniqueness which lead to more recognition and loyalty which result to increased profits. Therefore, managers usually pay attention to colors, logos, typography, taglines, advertising style and mascots. Companies such as Coca-Cola uses color red with a white banner which is unique. Irrespective of the numerous changes that have occurred in Coca-Cola Company especially the evolution of its brands, one aspect that has remained unique and the same for a long time is its use of red color with a white banner. Therefore, use of color in marketing is important since it reduces the cost of an advertisement by identifying and measuring distinctive assets which ensure that they are not connected to their competitors.
Red Color use in Advertisement in Coca-Cola Company
Coca-Cola Company has successfully used color theory in design especially with the warm connotation of the spectrum. Thus, the company has chosen a red color for boldness, energetic and for uplifting consumers. This is importa...
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