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Discuss how Christian Principles can be Applied to an Operations Management Dilemma (Essay Sample)


For this assignment, you will discuss how Christian principles can be applied to an operations management dilemma:
Select one of the ethical dilemmas below from the text:
Supply Chain Management (Chapter 11) (page 453)
Briefly summarize the issue. Note that only a small portion of your paper’s content should be devoted to summarizing the issue.
Respond to the following question(s) in the text:
How can this issue be addressed from a Christian worldview? In other words, what guidance from a Biblical perspective could be applied to understand and possibly resolve the dilemma? The following GCU websites may be helpful: Doctrinal Statement (http://www(dot)gcu(dot)edu/About-Us/Doctrinal-Statement.php) and Mission and Vision (http://www(dot)gcu(dot)edu/About-Us/Mission-and-Vision.php.)
In addition to addressing the questions, the student may also optionally frame the issue using ethical theories (Utilitarianism, Kantian ethics, Distributive Justice, Virtue ethics and Covenantal ethics). Note however that the questions provided must be addressed.
Use external citations. Your paper should have at least six external citations (in additional to any Biblical citations) to help frame the issue. No Wikipedia citations are allowed.
Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.
Format: use Times New Roman (font size: 12) with 1-inch margins.


Supply Chain Management/Christian Worldview
Student's Name
Institutional Affiliation
Supply Chain Management
Over the past few decades, ethics has gained momentum in businesses, especially in the supply chain management. Ethics in business is concerned with the rules of human behavior and considers whether it is right or wrong. It is divided into descriptive morality, applied ethics, and ethical theory. Ethics in the operations management is concerned with identifying ethical issues in the supply chain, how the department resolves the issues and whether they should be managed. Today many businesses are faced with the pressure of having to comply with ethical standards to ensure that they penetrate in the market without facing any problem. Corporate social responsibility is the main reason they are facing ethical challenges.
Ethical issues that should be observed by businesses and the general public differ from one society to another due to ethnic and religious differences. Mostly the basis of ethical reasoning is the religion since it presents a standard of morality. Christians derive the moral conduct from the Bible while other religions are guided by their religious books such as the Koran. Although the society is growing with the tradition of basing ethical standards with religions, philosophers argue that ethics can stand on its own without religion. According to philosophy, ethics is based on the analysis of what is right and wrong on reasoning and experience rather than incorporating religious teachings. This affirms that people with ethical values are not only in the religious sector but even those who does not belong to any religion. Ethics needs to be independent and determining whether something ethical does not require anyone's approval (Williams, 2011). It requires moral reasoning.
The ethical dilemma, in this case, is about child labor in the supply chain. Many companies are being criticized for employing children in their plants. An example is Apple Inc. which has been criticized for employing children in its supply chain. These criticisms give the companies negative publicity which forces them to perform an audit and enhance controls that are aimed at ensuring that child labor does not happen again in the organization (Moore & Watch, 2011). I a child is found working in a company and is fired, it will have multiple effects not only to the child but also the society. In some societies, children are not forced to work, but it is because it is the only option that is available. Despite the legal policies that are in companies of regulating child labor, they always fi...
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