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Question 4: Change Management and Management Styles (Essay Sample)


Instructions: As economic times change, management styles have changed accordingly. New concepts and issues of management styles have been analyzed, synthesized, and evaluated to meet the changing needs of the marketplace. The concept of change management has gained great acceptance and/or disapproval by all sectors, including civilian and military.
Discuss 3 to 5 changes that have or are occurring in organizational life or in your discipline today. 
• Identify and discuss the benefits and challenges of two or three change management theories as proposed in the practice and discipline of management. .
• Using one of the change management theories you discussed, analyze two of the five changes you identified in your field to determine if there have been periods of time in which leaders in the field, as well as actual practitioners in the field, have had to address the issue of change management. Specifically, this analysis should be based on a synthesis of the current literature (and literature no older than 1995) to demonstrate how leaders in your field of study have addressed the issue of change management – as well as any changes in management style. 
• Relate these specific changes to your own current, previous, and/or future career paths. This analysis should help to reveal how you have seen changes occur over the past decade or so in your field. 
• Finally, what possible changes, suggestions and/or recommendations would you consider to be necessary in management in order for effective change of organizations in the future?


Change Management and Management Styles
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Change Management and Management Styles
In the modern business world, change is constant and the leaders who expect it and react in time and responsibly to change emerge to be successful. However, those who anticipate and engineer the future of their organizations are more successful because they engineer the game making them to be leaders in their industry. Other leaders are just followers who adapt to change by following what others have done while others do not emerge to be successful (Denison, Hooijberg, Lane, & Lief, 2012). Their organizations fail because they failed to welcome change like others. Since most of the organizations are ready to welcome change, change management models are still relevant in the current century. The problem with them is not with their relevancy in the modern world or their importance. The challenges facing them relate to the speed and complexity of change that is required in many organizations to respond to the needs of the customers. The paper will address the challenges and benefits of the theories and some of the changes that have occurred in them.
Over the years many theories have been proposed to guide leaders in leading managing change and their organizations. The two management styles that are relevant in the current century are servant leadership and transformational leadership styles. There are a variety of benefits and challenges that are worth noting about them. The goal of transformational leadership style is to have change as the same time inspiring others in the organization to embrace it. This empowers and motivates employees to give more in the organization helping change to take effect (Carter, Armenakis, Feild, & Mossholder, 2013). Despite the benefits of this model, it has challenges as well. Not all leaders or managers are willing to use this style and prefer using the classical style instead which uses the approach of "my way or the highway." Other leaders may not be aware of the transformational leadership approach hence need some educational orientation which may be costly to some organizations. Another challenge is that other leaders are not ready to change in order to help their organizations grow. This has multiple effects on the organizations; it hinders customer and profit growth. This may lead the organization to bankruptcy and have a high turnover rates.
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