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Change Initiative: Develope a Change Model Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


This paper need to based on my job and organization which is healthcare at a hospital and I am a Learning and Development Coordinator.
Research the various change models used by organizations today. After assessing these models, create a change model conducive to your field, and that will work within your organization's culture. This model should serve to implement a strategic process that can help your organization integrate a change and respond to the internal or external driving forces that affect organizational success.
Create a visual representation of your model using a graphic organizer of your choice (flow chart, concept map, etc.). The design of your model will be unique and relevant to your organization, based on a critical analysis of its culture and behavior. However, your model must demonstrate the necessary steps for realistic implementation. Your model will be assessed on the quality of strategic implementation you design, the support you present for your model, and inclusion of the following concepts:
Methods to evaluate the need for change
Approach and criteria for choosing individuals or teams necessary for a change initiative
Communication strategies
Strategies to gather stakeholder support and overcome resistance
Implementation strategies
Sustainability strategies


Change Initiative: Develop a Change Model
Name Course Instructor Date
As a learning and development coordinator in a hospital, I am involved in administrating, coordinating, and delivering learning and development activities. This extends to identifying training needs, advancing the employees' skills, and coordinating the professional development plans. Kotter's change model has eight steps. These are (1) create a sense of urgency,(2) form a coalition, (3) create a vision for change, (4) communicate the vision, (5) remove obstacles, (6)secure short-term wins, (7) build on or consolidate change and (8)anchor change in company culture (Spencer & Winn, 2005). Kotter's model informs the creation of the change model to inform decision-makers of adopting changes.
Change model
Address Challenges Create and communicate vision Identify Change agents Determine reason for changes and benefits
Evaluate and make necessary changes Implement change and involve change agent
Empower members and deal with resistance to change

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