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Restaurant Observation Activity (Essay Sample)

This is an observation exercise. Your task is to observe people doing their jobs and 1) identifying role differentiation, 2) seeing how tasks are coordinated, 3) determining what technology is used to facilitate work and 4) how are all stakeholders responding to the process. You should then identify any problems/issues and make specific recommendations on how to improve efficiency or effectiveness. Your observation exercise is to visit a restaurant or fast food joint of your choice (including the campus cafeteria) and observe. Using your knowledge of organizational structure gained in MG-196 and our discussion of organizational design, (strategy drives structure) how do these firms break down (differentiate) their main objective into specific jobs and roles. Likely, each firm will differ in the mechanisms they use to integrate the roles into a completed product. Much of the differentiation/integration pattern at a fast food restaurant is in plain sight to a customer, if that customer is a knowledgeable organizational observer (which you are). (will be good if you chose a well known resturent such as Mcdonalds ...) source..

Restaurant Observation Activity
Restaurant Observation Activity
McDonalds is the globe’s largest hamburger and fast-food chain, which serves a customer population of about 68 million on a daily basis, across the 119 countries covered by the restaurant chain. The chain is operated as either an affiliate, franchise or owned and operated by the chain itself (Thomas &Jay, 2004). This paper will discuss the findings, from an observation of the work processes of the McDonalds’ restaurant at Downey, California. The areas to be discussed include the role of differentiation, the coordination of tasks at the outlet and the technology used at the outlet – to enhance the work of the restaurant. The paper will also explore the response to restaurant processes, among the stakeholders of the restaurant, and then develop recommendations on strategies of improving the effectiveness of the restaurant.
Role differentiation at a McDonalds Restaurant
Role differentiation is the practice of distinguishing the roles of different members of the restaurant, towards realizing the specialization of functions. McDonalds’ restaurants are characterized by the McDonaldization of tasks, which entails the simplification of roles – towards making them unskilled tasks. From the California McDonalds outlet, role differentiation is affected by a number of focal areas, including efficiency, which entails performing duties in the most optimal manner (Thomas & Jay, 2004). The second focal area is calculability, which covers the views that sales are more important than quality or product taste. The third is predictability, which entails the standardization of tasks, towards making them uniform. The last focal area is control, which refers to the replacement of workers with modern machines and technology. The four processes pursue turning workers into robotic players, who do not learn new skills, except those that are related to repetitive duties they play at the outlet. The use of technology at McDonalds’ restaurants makes the work of employees less skilled and much simpler, diminishing the roles of human workers. The strategy aims at keeping wage levels at a minimum, and stopping employees from learning any skills that can help them at other jobs.
McDonald restaurant’s role differentiation is limited by the outsourcing of technical job roles, including the use of a call center as the center, from which orders are taken, and then wired over to the restaurant (Richtel, 2006). Among the outsourced order servicing staffs, speed and productivity are monitored by a specialized control and surveillance software. The team is also monitored when they leave their workstations (Richtel, 2006). At the McDonalds outlet, employees are divided into a number of distinctive roles, including customer service, chefs, frying specialists, people packing, burger constructors, and drive through staffs. The distinctive characteristic of the outlet is th...
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