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Business Project about Shark Tank (Essay Sample)

Write a business project about Shark Tank. http://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/results?search_query=shrk+tank&aq=f source..

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(18, December, 2010)
Business Project about Shark Tank
Company History
Shark tank is a small business TV show that caters for those having the desire to start their own business. This show is produced by Mark Burrnet and is just an adaptation of the hit overseas dragons den. Entrepreneurs across the country who are much ambitious have the chance of pitching their business to sharks, who in their respective industrious are titans. In case an entrepreneur has a quality idea, then the sharks invest their own capital in such a business idea.
The Shark Tank is a partnership kind of business, made up of five individuals, namely; Barbara Corcoran, Kevin Harrington, Robert Herjavec, Daymond John and Kevin I’Leary (Belloni, 2009). Each one of them is professional in his own field. There were 20 deals that were made by Sharks with an investment of over $ 4 million in total. By the use of their expertise and contacts, together with their own money, they joined up with enthusiastic entrepreneurs and changed their businesses and products into household names.
Market Analysis
This show targets small businesses which are exploiting in number. It is true to the show that more individuals are employed by small businesses as compared to large businesses. They target those who have the desire of owning their own businesses. There have been lucky entrepreneurs who have survived and made their way after swimming together with the Sharks. There are some companies like pie factories that the business has grown three times after consulting the Sharks. They have opened other new retail locations and sold many pies. With the help of sharks, perfect pear company sales have increased by 1000 percent.
The show is of the highest quality; hence individuals at ABC and Disney love it very much. It holds a feeling of belonging up with dramas that are considered to be the greatest. The contestants seem to be high and dry. Because they have great ideas about small businesses, however, they are not able to put their ideas into action, as they do not have capital. Whilst at a similar time, there are wealthy investors ready to invest. In real sense, this is a golden opportunity for some of these individuals. As an effect one can feel real tension that has filled the air.
There are some lessons learnt from Sharks that are much beneficial to small scale business, and these lessons have helped the company maintain its market share. Furthermore, it has formed a partnership with Netopia, in which the website for Netopia empowers member attorneys to come up with sites that are highly functional with contents that are in a special way directed towards legal industry, which will neither need any HTM knowledge nor experience. The customized packages of Netopia have also enabled attorney members of Shark Tank .com to come up with online presence in not more than an hour. This provides attorney members with a lot of benefits of increasing their visibility online, while on the other hand, providing critical information for businesses and individual.
The shark has also invented a method that enables its clients to link with the attorneys. By the use of Shark, individuals or even businesses seeking legal services might post a request anonymously for legal services for free. Attorneys who tend to be interested in the provision of the service respond to the reply with contact information plus their experience (Belloni, 2009). Furthermore, this service stores attorney’s response in confidential mail that the client might access via the website. As a result, Shark empowers those in need of legal services, as a result, it eases the normal intimidating and perplexing processes involved in the selection of a lawyer.
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