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Business Project Summary: Decision Making Process (Essay Sample)


Hi, this essay has to write a summary about a café, Suppose you are a manager of this café, you have to write a net income, special decision etc about this café, then sold how much coffee, and did anything wasted etc.
The detail data needs you to login into,
username: pace24115138
password: 789456ASDzxc
After login, click stimulation, then you will be entered to that café's program.
Inside the program, it as approximately 9 period, each period has a different data. And the writer's job is to write according to each period's data.
I will upload the teacher's instruction, please read carefully to prevent something wrong and waste our time on the revision. If something unclear, please contact me. Thank you!

Executive Summary
Sense Cafe
Decision Making Process
Still Three managers for the whole week, since productivity would decrease if the managers are overworked, and that is if we only have two of them to cover for the whole week. However, I believe that $635/week per manager is already too much since the hourly rates for managers are only around $11.60/week or $580 if they work for around 10hours/day for five days. Thus, I decided to lower their wages a bit from $635/week to $600/week which is still above average. I think that this is more than fair enough since other incentives would be given based on their performance. As for the servers, I also lowered their salaries from $10.50/hour to $9.75/hour. Just as the case for the managers, this rate is still higher as compared to the national average for both baristas and coffee shop servers which is $9.50. However, it still seems that the number of coffee shop servers is still high enough for the tasks which is at hand. And, for the number of servers, I would still take all the 15 employees in order to make sure that productivity would be maintained. Otherwise, if I find out that the decreasing the number of employees would not decrease productivity or if increasing it would, then I would act accordingly.
For the marketing ratio, I tried searching for formulas and techniques on how should one balance his revenues as well as his marketing expenditures. Although most companies (large ones) use complex algorithms and even factor thousands of variables in deciding about this, I found during my research that at least a 5:1 ratio would be good enough. This means for every $1 that you spend on marketing the sales should at least generate a $5 ROI. In making a decision, I factored in the prices and found out that initially I should at least generate $1000/day for online advertisements and at least $2800/day for radio ...
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