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Business Plan – Final (Essay Sample)


Assignment 5: Business Plan – Final
Due Week 10 and worth 150 points
This assignment consists of two (2) sections: your final business plan and your business plan financials. Note: You must submit both sections as separate files for the completion of this assignment.
You have completed all of the necessary sections of your business plan and will now create a final draft. Use any / all feedback you have received to polish your plan to the point that you could confidently show it to investors and potential partners or customers.
Refer to the Outline of a Business Plan, beginning on p. 399 of the course text. Not all businesses will include all of these components in this order, but use the outline as a guide. Specifically your plan will not require the Development, Milestones, and Exit Plan section of the business plan.
Section 1: Business Plan (MS Word or equivalent)
Construct a ten to thirty (10-30) page business plan. Note: Twenty (20) pages are sufficient for most businesses.
Write a one to three (1–3) page executive summary for your business plan, in which you justify:
A clear and concise business concept.
A thoroughly planned business concept.
A capable management structure.
A clear-cut market need.
Significant competitive advantages for your business.
Realistic financial projections.
That investors have an excellent chance to make money.
A realistic and developed exit plan.
Note: Read Chapters 4 and 18 of the course text: Successful Business Plan . Use the plan preparation worksheets on pp. 58–61 and the sample executive summaries on pp. 62–66 to help guide you, choose to write either a synopsis summary or a narrative summary, and include highlights from the each section of your business plan.
Combine all of the sections stated below and revise your initial business plan draft, which you submitted in Week 8, based on feedback you have received.
Executive Summary
Company Description (Assignment 1)
Industry Analysis and Trends ( Assignment 1 )
Target Market ( Assignment 2 )
Competition ( Assignment 2 )
Strategic Position & Risk Assessment ( Assignment 1 )
Marketing Plan & Sales Strategy ( Assignment 2 )
Operations Plan ( Assignment 3 Part 1 )
Technology Plan ( Assignment 3 Part 1 )
Management & Organization ( Assignment 3 Part 1 )
Ethics & Social Responsibility ( Assignment 3 Part 2)
The Financials ( Week 7 Discussion )
The Financials and the Management description—must spark enough interest to convince a reader to continue. Enhance the two (2) mentioned sections to appropriately engage the reader.
Hints: The financial section of your business plan will be derived from the previously completed financial worksheets.
Format your assignment according to these formatting requirements:
Cite the resources you have used to complete the exercise. Note: There is no minimum requirement for the number of resources used in the exercise.
Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required page length.
Section 2: Business Plan Financials (MS Excel worksheets bundled with course textbook)
For year one, submit a revised Income Statement, Cash Flow Projection, and Balance Sheet from the “Business Plan Financials” Excel template based on your feedback from Project Deliverable 4: Business Plan – Draft .
The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:
Describe strategic planning techniques used to formulate alternative strategies designed to achieve stated business goals.
Create a plan to implement a firm’s strategy and manage the change from current operations.
Analyze strategies for exerting the internal leadership needed to drive the implementation of strategic initiatives and improve operating excellence.
Use technology and information resources to research issues in strategic management.
Write clearly and concisely about strategic management using proper writing mechanics.
*****THE URL FOR THE BOOK IS: https://blackboard(dot)strayer(dot)edu/webapps/blackboard/content/listContent.jsp?course_id=_164697_1&content_id=_17079432_1&mode=reset*****

Business Plan – Final
Course title:
Executive summary
The start-up is called Lamar Rene’ and will make money by producing and selling of all natural, organic champagnes. The product is made with fresh fruits and is a non-alcoholic version of typically alcoholic drinks for instance cocktails and beers. The start-up company would be based in Washington DC area and the products would first be marketed and distributed throughout Washington DC suburbs. In the health-conscious world of today, a lot of people are cutting their consumption of alcohol. There has been an upward trend in sales of non-alcoholic beverages worldwide, with a projected revenue growth of 4.3% growth in revenue from 2014 to 2020. The non-alcoholic beverage market is a $175 billion industry. The demand for fresh, healthier alternatives is driving expansion of non-alcoholic beverage retailing; hence there is need for alcohol-free beverages. The competitive advantage of Lamar Rene’ is that its drinks would be 100% organic and 0.00% alcohol by volume. This firm will have matrix organization structure. This structure facilitates the utilization of very specialized personnel and equipment. The key executive managers include Melinda Cates and CEO and President, Mark Calaway as Marketing Manager, and Glen Jacobs as Engineering Manager. The start-up will use distributors/ wholesalers. Direct sales model will also be used. Direct Sales Model entails bypassing the traditional sales channels to target the end-customers. The method will include company-owned stores. Given that this is a new product, penetration pricing would be utilized. With regard to the financials, In the first year, the net profit is expected to be $5.595 million. Cash at the end of the first year would be $5,560,300. Furthermore, cash at the end of the first year would be $5,560,300.

Business Plan – Final
A business plan for a start-up business clarifies the business idea and defines the company’s long-term objective. Moreover, a business plan offers a blueprint for running the company in addition to a series of benchmarks for checking the progress against (Brad, 2014). This paper provides a draft of my Business Plan as well as an Income Statement that contains the financials of my business plan for my start.
1.0 Company description
The name of the start-up company is Lamar Rene’ Inc. It would be involved in production and marketing of an all natural, organic champagnes. This product is made with fresh fruits and is a non-alcoholic version of typically alcoholic drinks for instance cocktails and beers. As alcohol-free beverages, they would be produced yeast free to ensure the product is 0.00% alcohol by volume. It is worth mentioning that beverages that have labels stating the actual alcohol by volume help people from unknowingly becoming drunken drivers or inebriated (Roche, 2014). The organic beverages would be made using the best raw materials: organic fruits including passion fruit juice, mango juice, organic pineapple juice, and organic apple fruit juice. The start-up company would be based in Washington DC area and the products would first be marketed and distributed throughout Washington DC suburbs. My new brand called Alvaro will consist of two variants of non-alcoholic malt drinks, annex passion and annex mango, for which the company will seek to secure a wider customer base in the domestic sector of this new brand.
2.0 Industry Analysis and Trends
In the health-conscious world of today, a lot of people are cutting their consumption of alcohol. A survey conducted by the National Institute of Health revealed that 35 percent of all adults in America lead alcohol-free lifestyles and a lot of these individuals choose to do so thanks to health reasons (Tlapa, Miller & Washington, 2010...
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