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Business Messages Packet. Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


Business Messages Packet
Format: Business Letter / E-mail / Memo 
Length: 4 one-page messages and a 1½ -2 page memo
Writing letters is an important part of most professional positions. For this assignment you will demonstrate your ability to apply a variety of writing strategies to specific situations by writing four business letters and a memo to me explaining your rhetorical choices in each letter. 
To accomplish this assignment, you need to invent rhetorical situations on which to base your reasons for writing the letters.  If you want to, you may create one large scenario that will allow you to write the entire letter series. 
The packet should include: 
1. A routine/positive message: external or internal; digital message, e-mail, memo or letter
Choose one of the Activities and Cases 6.4 – 6.20 (not 6.10) on pp. 177 – 182.
2. A negative message: external or internal; digital message, e-mail, memo or letter
Choose one of the Activities and Cases 7.3 or 7.5 - 7.15 on pp. 211 – 215.
3. A persuasive message: external or internal; digital message, e-mail, memo or letter
Choose one of the Activities and Cases 8.4 or 8.6 – 8.19 on pp. 243 – 247.
4. Another letter representing a different audience and/or format than three previous letters 
Choose one of the Activities and Cases not used from the sections noted in 1-3.
5. A memo to me analyzing the rhetorical strategies for each of the four messages. 
Memo to Instructor
Describe the situation for which each letter was written, or the single, overarching situation if you used one large scenario for the entire series. In addition to describing the situation(s), provide a brief analysis of your rhetorical considerations for crafting each letter. Think about your selection of details, style, format, and organization. The introduction should include a clear purpose statement--what kind of report this is, why you're writing it, what it will be about. The report should be organized as a report, not as a narrative--that is, organize in some way around the information you have to give, not according to the process you went through to gather information and not according to your life's chronology. 


Business Messages Packet
Institutional Affiliation
Case 6.5
Home Center Company
145 Street,
Newtown, JA 12345
February 25, 2020
Doug Goodwin
2345 street,
Newtown 12345
Dear Mr. Goodwin:
We have great news for you. We are delighted to request your consultancy services as a social media consultant for the Home center company. Due to the growing need to use social media platforms to collect information from various sources including the customers, the home center company would like to make an inquiry about your services.
First off, I would like to request for information with regard to your service delivery when working with our company. The issue of concern is whether you would offer your services on a contractual or permanent basis. If either of them, please share your charges for the services offered. Also, include a breakdown of the requirements that would be necessary to meet the objective of making the use of social media more productive and effective. In addition to this, please include details and references for previously completed projects that are similar to this.
Kindly provide all the details in written form through email or letter so that they can be submitted to the CEO of the home center as a compiled report. This will facilitate easier and faster processing of the documentation so that we can initiate working terms with your company. We look forward to hearing from you sooner. Thank you.
Communications Director.
Case 7.3 (pg. 211)
Home Center Company
145 Street,
Newtown, JA 12345
February 25, 2020
Doug Goodwin
2345 street,
Newtown 12345
Dear Jenny Johnson,
How are you, Jenny. I hope this finds you well. Adobe systems incorporated is dedicated to helping in non-profit organizations in their events for the good course of the society. The company prides itself in participating in numerous charity events tailored to help people with various health needs. We received your request for sponsorship of the dragon boat racing in phoenix. However, I regret to inform you that your request cannot be granted at this time. The reasons for the denial have been explained in this email.
As a company with corporate responsibility for community development, we participate in events organized by non-profit organizations. Currently, adobe systems incorporated sponsors several events that are related to cancer patients. This, therefore, requires huge financial resources to make them successful. The strain currently experienced by the company due to the numerous events being sponsored made it impossible to grant your request at this time.
The company requires that all applicants seeking sponsorships for events submit their applications six weeks before the actual date. With respect to this, we received your application only four weeks to the event which made planning and admission or scholarship a challenge. Since you did not meet the timelines required for sponsorship application, your request could not be accepted. I hope you will consider this in the future and put it to use.
In the future, we look forward to working in collaboration with the rising phoenix to contribute positively to the lives of the cancer survivors. Please go through our terms and conditions for sponsorship applications so that you can understand the process and apply it in the future. We regret to disappoint you and look forward to being your sponsors in the future. Thank you.
John Michael.
To the mana...

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