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BUSINESS LAW (Essay Sample)

What is your experience with the law and our legal system? Have you ever served as a juror or been part of a lawsuit? Are you hooked to court shows like People's Court? Do you have aspirations to serve on the Supreme Court one day? Write 200 words about your basic impressions of the law and your expectations of this class. What do you hope to learn and gain out of this course? Your initial posting is due by Day Three. Then respond to three of your classmates. Responses are due on Day Seven. Though I am an attorney, I have only been in court a handful of times and never to argue a case. Most of the work lawyers do (unlike what you see on TV) is paperwork including research, reading, writing and interviews. Most of my professional experience has focused on doing research (the grunt work) for other attorneys though I have done some basic contract work as well as written wills. I went to law school because I loved to read and write and that is a lot of what lawyers do. They also need to ask questions and try to see contrary points of view. The question isn't always why, but why not? Since moving to Washington D.C., I have visited the Supreme Court and hope to one day soon hear oral arguments for a case. My favorite area is Constitutional law and it's interesting to evaluate the continued interpretations our nine justices can make to a 200 plus year old document. And no, I have never served as a juror, though attorneys are called to jury duty just as everyone else. So, class, what are your experiences and impressions? source..

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(25 March, 2012)
Business Law
Experience is the best teacher, as an attorney I have had some experiences with the legal system. I have been in court a few times, though I have never argued a case. Most of the work that I did was researching, reading, wring and interviewing clients to obtain arguments and evidence to handle a case. I have never served as a juror. Professionally, I basically focused on researching (the grunt work) so that it can be used by other attorneys to argue cases; in addition, as most lawyers do I have been involved in drafting basic contracts and writing wills.
My drive to study law was the love to read and write and as I watched lawyers I would admire their argumen...
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