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business law: Brandt v. Boston Scientific (Essay Sample)

Please brief the following two cases from your text: Brandt v. Boston Scientific (p. 283) Lindholm v. Brant. (p. 303) Keep in mind, the book gives you condensed forms of the cases so some material is left out. I expect you to follow the FIRAC formula as you did for week one. I do not expect (nor want) you to copy what is already given to you in the book. I want the facts, issues, rule of law, analysis, conclusion in YOUR words. source..
BUSINESS LAW Name: Course: Instructor’s Name: Date: Brandt v. Boston Scientific Goods can be said to be tangible as well as moveable. The facts of this case were as follows: The plaintiff had gone to Sarah Bush Health care Centre after suffering from a urinary infection. Where upon an operation, a Protégé Sling was inserted in Brandt. This device was later recalled by the manufactures after they had caused complications that it caused to patients. Brandt unfortunately was amongst those who suffered complications and it was surgically removed. She sued the Boston Scientific Corporation and the Health care centre claiming a breach of merchantability under the Union of Commercial Code under Article 2. The health care centre argued that it was a service provider and not a merchant (Brandt v. Boston Scientific Corp). The issue at hand was whether the facility was a service or goods provider. The analysis provided by the defense showed that the Hospital was more of a service provider that a merchant basing it on the three elements of proving Sale of goods, the merchant of...
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