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Business Communication. Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


Part A
Think about your own experiences with both effective and ineffective communication, and select one (1) example of each to analyze.
(1) Briefly describe each of the two (2) scenarios– one related to a personal experience with effective communication and one related to a personal experience with ineffective communication.
(2) Describe whether each scenario is an example of effective or ineffective communication, providing at least two (2) supporting facts for each scenario.

Part B
1) Imagine that you have an interview for an internship that you really want to get. Describe three (3) ways in which you can display professionalism in this situation.
2) Describe the implications of selecting the appropriate channel and medium for a business message. Describe at least two (2) factors involved in this.
3) Provide one (1) original example of each of the following: physiological barrier, language barrier, and psychological barrier.


Business Communication
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Business Communication
Part A
Communication is a vital part of daily life. People communicate with each other to resolve problems, express feelings and thoughts, and share ideas. Effective communication refers to verbal speech or other techniques that are used to convey information that gets a message to the other people (Turaga, 2016). Effective communication is vital in both the business aspect and personal aspect of a person considering that ineffective communication could create decreased work productivity and even hostilities.
One scenario in my personal experience in which there was effective communication was in a certain situation at the place of work. One of my colleagues came to me for assistance on how to use the new digital printer which had just been procured by the company to use in the office for digital printing purposes. 

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