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Business and Marketing Question (Essay Sample)


There are two (2) very different target markets and sales forces discussed in the videos. Identify some of the key differences between the organizations’ sales forces and target markets. Explain the value of developing a sales force based on the target market. Use examples from each video to support your response. 
Small Business Success Story: Heart Juice Heart-Healthy Beverage: http://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=lYX04wiMYmQ
Non-alcoholic drinks-Iran-10-02-2011: http://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=0-4ivPwMDCE


Bus 599 Week 3 Discussion Question: Business and Marketing
Business and Marketing
Different business use different target market and sales forces to organize their sales operations as efficient as possible. In the two videos, different target markets and sales forces are evident. For the video about Heart Juice Heart-Healthy Beverage, their target market concerns people who want to stay healthy and also people with heart conditions. The beverage is sugar-free with not calories. Their sales force is less structured as they have a small van and promote their products as individuals. They use informal ways of promoting their product by word of mouth. One of the advantages is that they developed and tested their business plan by participating in a competition to determine the product levels of acceptability before launching the product in the market. The producers of heart juice used a catchy name to brand their product.
On the other ...
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