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BUS 599 MOD 03 Congruence Model of Organizational Behavior (Essay Sample)


In order to resubmit the paper, I must have the paper reworked so it is more than 50% percent original when the instructor passes it through the Turn It In application.
Along with the paper being more than 50 percent reworked it should have charts and graphs.
URLs must be must included for each of the references used. The URLS must go directly to the body of work. Please do not use URLs that are abstracts, that require passwords, or have an attached cost. (Attach the PDFs of the material used as reference)
The paper should be improved to be better than it was originally to include content, grammar and punctuation.
The paper that needs to be reworked to have more than 50 percent original material is attached. The paper is titled; "BUS599 MOD 03 CASE Final ".


BUS599: Strategic Management
It is important to strengthen the existing power system to support a more climate-friendly power system. It requires modifications and integration of critical new technology; the low cost options can improve delivery of photovoltaic generated electricity. Sun Power seeks to gain a larger market share in the PV market while enhancing performance and profitability. Supporting a reliable power system that meets the needs of clients also requires taking into consideration the pricing decisions and distribution to increase solar presence to clients who can afford while remaining competitive. The solar PVs influence future investments and costs, and decisions are made whether to deliver electricity through a bulk power system and to consumers.
Decision 1 for 2008-2017
In the analysis of the simulation process, it is important that there is a procedural format that would entail the systematic consideration of all the possibilities, as well as the most likely or preferred outcome. According to Gregory (2007), organizational diagnosis usually calls for the use of a diagnostic funnel, which basically is the set of the most appropriate steps used in the conduction of the organizational analysis and diagnosis. This is what constitutes the organization’s operational framework, which in the long run brings about an elaborate focus in the perspective of the managerial and the overall business practices within the enterprise.
Applying the right strategy means determining how best the companies resources can be used with the intention of achieving the set goals. Plans put in place help a company be able to identify both its strengths and weaknesses. Having this kind of information will enable the business work on eliminating their weakness and continue to improve on their strengths. All the three categories benefit greatly from a good strategy take the case of environment for instance if good strategies are not used on the environment group achievement of the company goals may be tough because the company may have its priorities set wrongly.
The price for the third module was $ 0.13 as compared to the previous module price, which was $0.15. To some extent, this price will alter the market share and the cumulative profits. This will be based on the assumption that we made that most people are ready and willing to choose sun power over other competitors with the same product.
There will an annual increase in both the revenue expected and the gross profit as indicated in the output below. It reveals an increase of 5.94 percent of both the revenue and the gross profit as compared to the previous SLP2 when the consumer net price for the sun power was 0.15 percent (Conkling & Roberts, 2007).
From the cumulative profit shown, it can be concluded that the company has got a higher ability to increase profit in both the long run and the short run. We are also expecting that the company will increase investments. Competition affected the company earlier on, and it was outperformed by its competitors, but since the chances of profitability are high, then more is expected regarding performance improvement.



Decision 1: For Years 2008-2012

Market Share



Consumer Net Price ($kWh)



Module Price



Unit Direct Cost ($kWh)



Annual Revenue


Annual Net Income


Cumulative Profit

$51.84 M

Decision 2 for 2013- 2017
In this module, the price was $0.11 as compared to the previous $0.13. This ind...
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